Born in Piraeus, lives and works in Athens, Greece.


Athens School of Fine Arts, 2007-2012, under the supervision of Prof.  Yannis Psychopedis 

Université Paris 8, Paris, 2011, with IKY scholarship

Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1996 -2001, Department of Theater Studies

 Group exhibitions:

2017 - A. Emperikos' s Octana or the reason for freedom (Purple Squirrel, Athens)

         - The Horn of Amalthia (Art in Manavikos, Athens)

2016 - Rowing Courses, collective performance in collaboration with the visual  artist Nikos  Papadopoulos (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation)

          - Ex-ils, Visual Notes on Ex-Patristics (Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,    Thessaloniki)

2015 - Vizyneus, a trip (Zografios Lyceum, Constantinople)

2014 - James Joyce Cafe (The Train at Rouf, Athens)

         - Child and play in life and art (Cultural Center "Melina", Athens)

2013 - Presentation of personal work by Leda Kazantzakis (Multi Space of the Open

           City, Athens)

         - Calendars of Showcase (Ikaros Publications, Athens)

2012 - 12 young artists (Cultural Center "Melina", Athens)

         - Death of the Creator (Beton 7, Athens)

         - Flags, Panos, Lavara (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens)

2011 - With lime and sea, images on the poetry of Elytis Street (House of Cyprus, Athens)

         - etsi all together (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens)

         - Vapor (The Train in Rouf, Athens)

         - Actions in the framework of personal research "Adequate contact with the Greek tradition" (Louvre Museum, Université Paris8)

2010 - Excursions (House of Cyprus, Athens)

2009 - A3 (ASCR, Athens)

2008 - Fire in Olympia (Cultural Center "Melina", Athens)



Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation, 2001 - 2018

- Participation in the organization, coordination, and execution of the Foundation's reports 

- Active participation, in collaboration with documenta14 and Adam Szymczyk, for the renovation of the Museum with a view to its reopening (2016-2017)

- Assistance with the organization of exhibitions and printed material for G.Tarouchis in documenta14 in Athens and Kassel (2017)

- Recording and digitization of the painter's collection with the Information Society program "Documentation, exploitation, and promotion of culture" (2005-2006)

- Extensive research and recording of the stage design of the painter

- Written (collective) work: Yannis Tsarouchis 1910-1989


Scenography & Costume Design

Assistant set designer next to Chloe Obolensky for Happy Days of Beckett (2004)

Collaboration with the Panic Theater for the performances

- Fernando Arrabal (2011),

- The Death of Antonello by Vivi Pinioti (2012),

- VILLA UTOPIA by Vivi Pinioti (2015)